What to clean makeup brushes with

What to clean makeup brushes with

 While cleaning makeup brushes can feel dull, not doing so can lead to bacteria, dirt, oil and surplus makeup accumulating on those tools.
Worse, what should have been cleaned away could instead be transferred to your face and trigger blemishes and other skin reactions, Good Housekeeping warns.
There are various methods which you can use to clean brushes, and it's worth experimenting with these different techniques to see which of them seem most hassle-free to you personally.




Raise the bar... of soap, that is!

With a resilient bar of soap at hand, massage your unkempt brush against it, as HuffPost explains. In doing this, you can extend the soap's cleansing effect deeply into the bristles. Then, use lukewarm water to rinse that brush before wiping it with a paper towel.

Along the way, keep water away from the brush barrel - as, otherwise, the bristles will loosen and drop out. This should be remembered when you utilise other cleaning techniques, too.


Mild green Fairy Liquid for a more-than-mild clean

An everyday household item which, you might be surprised to learn, can prove effective for cleaning makeup brushes is... washing-up liquid.

You would only need to pour a small amount of this on top of a sponge before rubbing the brush against that surface. You would follow up by rinsing that brush with lukewarm water before wiping the bristles with a towel to clear any remaining debris. Let the brushes dry by laying them flat.


Oil be back... with a clean makeup brush

Olive oil is nearly as likely as washing-up liquid to be a mainstay of your kitchen. It can be helpfully used to clean relatively small brushes, not to mention condition the bristles.

In this instance, completely submerging the brushes beneath the surface of the oil would be fine. Once you've taken the brushes back out, rub them with a sponge and watch as big pieces of dirt, excess makeup, and more just fall straight off. 


A much quicker solution: the StylPro makeup brush cleaner

There is a common drawback to all three of the methods we have just detailed: it could take an unhelpfully long time for your brushes to dry. During that time, they would be unusable. This wait is inconvenient given the recommendation of dermatologists and makeup artists that makeup brushes should be soaked at least once a week, according to Allure.

Therefore, you could be too tempted to overlook the need to regularly wash brushes due to the potential anguish of the cleaning responsibilities. This is, ultimately, short-term thinking; cleaning brushes with sufficient regularity can make the bristles last longer.

Fortunately, there is a way of both cleaning and drying a makeup brush - no matter what type - in just seconds. To do that, you can use the StylPro makeup brush cleaner - which ensures that, seconds after using a brush, you can use it again as though it had been cleaned by more conventional, but also more time-draining, means. It's easy to order your own StylPro pack!

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