Skin Care & StylPro Tips

Skin Care & StylPro Tips


It’s the same every year, a new year comes, and we assign ourselves to a future of dread … diet over hauls, no treats and extreme workout regimes. Before you know it, it’s mid-January you’re feeling miserable and just about ready to break those new year promises just in time for Blue Monday!  


Let’s face it, no one really wants that. New years resolutions don’t have to be daunting and January certainly doesn’t have to be the miserable month everyone expects it to be.  It may be mid-January already (we know, how did that happen so quickly?) but there is nothing stopping you tweaking those ‘new year, new you’ resolutions.


Instead of assigning yourself to defeat, consider a bit of self-love and vow to look after you and your skin a little more; because if you don’t, who else will?


Looking after your skin really is one of the best things you can do for yourself; whether it be a new beauty regime, trying new products or simply paying more attention to it and it’s needs. Beauty resolutions and good skincare are easy to implement and fit into or around your existing routines. We are all guilty of wanting to look more beautiful, the easiest way to achieve this is to start with your skin … easy, no more broken promises remember.


This year on the StylPro blog we have already discussed the benefits seen by following the Veganuary trend and switching to vegan beauty and skin care. Your skin goes through a lot during the day; UV rays to pollution, to harsh weather conditions and more, we’re often too busy to stop and give it a second thought. Vegan friendly beauty products are increasing in popularity and are set to stay for the foreseeable future. We can almost hear our skin breathing a sigh of relief!


Clean brushes play a huge part in keeping your skin in tip top condition. A dirty makeup brush can often be the root cause of blemishes and breakouts and a massive obstacle in your quest for a clear and healthy-looking complexion. At worst a cakey, unwashed makeup brush can also lead to severe skin infections,  not quite what you had in mind when tweaking your ‘new year, new you’ resolution.


"It’s about time we stopped to consider the bacteria that can build up on your makeup brushes between uses, not to mention the dust and debris they can pick up from rolling around your makeup bag or being left on the dressing table."


We’re always told to remove our makeup and to make sure it is washed off your face at the end of the day … never go to sleep with makeup on has always been the golden rule.


Without a good scrub at the end of the day, old makeup, oil, and dirt will pile up on your skin, block your pores and cause breakouts. Makeup brushes are no different, without that wash and scrub those bristles become packed with old makeup, oil, and dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria.


According to a survey 61 Percent of Women Who Use Makeup Brushes Clean Them Less Than Once a Month or Not at All 


We get it, the thought of cleaning those makeup brushes is boring and you have a busy life. Finding the time to wash a brush and face up to the pretty grim truth lurking in between those bristles is something you’d rather not do. Cleaning those brushes is important however ever much you try to protest or hide from it.


Think about it, the time you spend researching skin care or makeup tutorials, finding the perfect products and maintaining beauty regimes is all wasted time if you choose to use a dirty makeup brush when applying your makeup each day.


22 percent say it takes too long to clean them or for the brushes to dry


With the StylPro makeup brush cleaner and dryer the laborious, messy and time-consuming traditional methods are gone. Instead brush cleaning is replaced with 4 easy steps … dunk, spin, lift & dry!  Your brushes will be sparkling clean and dry in less than 30 seconds. No more excuses, 30 seconds is all it takes to be well on your way to clearer, healthier skin.


We’ve often spoken about the benefits of cleaning your makeup brushes, after all, it’s kind of what we do best here at StylPro!


In this blog, as well as educating you on the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes (again) and the effect it can have on your skin, we wanted to share with you some of our top StylPro tips. We’re surrounded by ‘these spinning things’ all day and over time we’ve picked up some pretty nifty little tips you may not have thought of that will help you get the best from your StylPro brush cleaner and in turn help the overall appearance of your skin.


Our Top Tips:


I find putting your brushes into oil-based makeup and powder-based makeup piles helps to make the process quicker. Clean your brushes containing powder-based makeup first, change the cleanser and then do the oil-based makeup ones after.
If you’ve managed to get makeup into harder to reach areas of your makeup brushes, try tipping the StylPro bowl containing cleanser slightly so you create a slightly deeper cleanser puddle.



Do not mix the cleanser with water! The cleanser is designed to break down the oils in foundations and other oil-based products, mixing the cleanser with water means you are stopping the cleanser from working properly.
Also, don’t hold the device too tight, it makes all the difference whilst it is spinning.
International Sales Director



Make sure you are using the correct collar size. If it’s too loose your brush won’t stay in or you will notice the brush will wobble and whip around. If your brush does starts to wobble when you turn the device on, check the collar and ensure the brush is vertical in the collar.
Sales Support Administrator



Put your StylPro on a tray with all your brushes and everything you need and watch your favourite tv show while cleaning your brushes … perfect!
Customer Service and Brand Engagement Manager



Honestly, use the StylPro cleanser every time! Dunking the brush gently up and down into the cleanser before turning on the StylPro device makes all the difference.
UK Account Manager



That’s it, you are now armed with everything you need. All the important information, hints and StylPro tips to kick start your NEW, new year’s resolution and start looking after your skin. Here’s to happy and healthier skin this year!


Team Tom.

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