Pretty Honest StylPro Beauty Blog

Pretty Honest StylPro Beauty Blog

Thanks to Pretty Honest for the lovely and 'pretty honest' review on brand new StylPro MakeUp Brush Cleaner and Drier... 

"This invention is quite possibly the best invention to the beauty industry in recent years. Not only does it clean your brushes to a surgically clean standard in seconds, but it also dries them in seconds too, making it possible to reuse the brushes immediately after cleaning them. No longer do I have to spend time cleaning each brush by hand in the sink and make a complete mess in the process by splashing dirty water around the sink!

"How the magic happens! Dip the makeup brush into the solution and gently press on the bottom of the bowl to make the makeup brush splay. Turn on the device and watch it spin in the solution for approximately 10 seconds. After this, gently lift the device out of the solution (but still in the bowl) and let it continue to spin. You are then left with a beautifully clean and dry brush ready for using again!"

You can purchase the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier for £49.99 here

"I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It not only cleans my brushes to a very high standard, but also dries them within seconds too".

Read the full review here.

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